My Crush

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Writing is passion

His crooked smile

Ceased my heart for a while

His gentle eyes

Witnessed my cries

His delicate nerves

Deserves to be tasted 

Each time I saw him

I beamed unintentionally

His in and out the beauty

Is no good


Every girl craved to be his

Even though he paid no attention

To any

When I say any

I am not mentioned

As I knew once and often

He looks at me

Or stares at me

With those gentle eyes

It made me quiver

Maybe it was just my thoughts

Perhaps he never looked at me

My friends say

I can never own him

Because he is different

An untouched beauty


I want him badly

Every minute

My thoughts were nothing

But him

Why can’t I have him?

When this question strike

A miracle happened

A miracle which I never believed

Will you believe it?

If I say he…

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The feel…

Just a little more, Wanted to have you closer, Smelling you, Kissing you, And caressing you, Little did I know, You had been long gone, Regretting every ounce till now, Hoping to see you anytime soon, Yes, a very thin hope keeps me going, I miss you ❤️